Registrations for the final round of Tryscorer tipping for 2021 are now open. Click here to join.

How It Works

There are two competitions running, one $50 buy-in and one $20 buy-in. You will be able to select which comp you want to play when you register. If you would like to enter both and play one risky and one safe that is entirely up to you. Prizes will be announced once we have final numbers but looking at 1st,2nd, 3rd and weekly top scorer prizes as well as a prize for 2nd last place, so you are always in the hunt. REMEMBER the entry fee covers the entire 5 week game, there is no more to pay.

Selections are to be placed are as follows. (Examples below.)

After team lists are released each game will appear on the website like this. Click the Place Bets button to proceed.


That will open this window where you will be placing your selections.


Once selections are placed, they will appear under each game as follows. Selections can be changed at any point up until kick off, at which point they will be locked.3

Once lockout occurs you will be able to view everyone else’s selections in this table under Results and Rankings tab.4

At the conclusion of the game the results will be able to be viewed under each game as follows.


At which point the overall leaderboard will be updated and you will be able to see how you compared with all the other tipsters.


 Totals are tallied across the 8 games of the round, with the person with the highest total after game 8 taking out the weekly prize.

We will play for 5 weeks of the NRL season with the new competition starting round 6. Whoever has the highest total after round 10 will take out the main prize. In the unlikely event of a tie, the prizes will be split equally between the two players.